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Welcome to Shortbrook Primary School


Our Vision


Every child at Shortbrook Primary School is unique and our vision in 'shaping our children into 21st century citizens, who will be equipped with the vocabulary, knowledge and skills to be successful in life', is driven by strong research and knowledge of individual needs.


In partnership with parents and the community, our school ethos and ambitious curriculum is also driven by the following values:

  • We take care of ourselves - mind and body
  • We are respectful and look after each other
  • We aim high and like a challenge
  • We are resilient and never stop trying
  • We can work independently and as part of a team


We pride ourselves on a strong inclusive ethos, where every child is special and valued. It is our belief that every child will have the opportunity to reach their full potential and develop as self-learners, critical thinkers and be independently minded.

This will be achieved through the nurture of dedicated staff, the sustenance of a safe and happy environment and the delivery of a creative and exceptional curriculum, which inspires and motivates all our children.

Our children will leave Shortbrook happy with who they are, confident in their abilities, polite and articulate, and ambitious for their future growth.