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Coronavirus - Latest update

Dear Parent / Carer


Re: Coronavirus Update


Given the everchanging news and advice about the Coronavirus and social distancing, we have taken the decision to explain our current position in relation to the coronavirus outbreak. The school has been monitoring advice and guidance daily from both the Department for Education and the Local Authority. We want to take a sensible approach and not cause panic.


Precautionary measures from Monday 16th March until further notice:


  • Continued reminders to children about hygiene and handwashing.
  • Extra time given for handwashing before and after lunchtime
  • Antibacterial hand gel to be used by ALL visitors
  • Antibacterial hand gel will be allowed to be brought into school by pupils, but must be labelled with your child’s name and not shared
  • Class assemblies rather than whole school assemblies
  • Staggered lunch times
  • Asthma inhalers to be easily available to all children with diagnosed asthma
  • ALL children will require their own named bottle of water for use in the classroom


Postponed events:


  • Nursery home visits for April new starters   -   planned over next 2 weeks
  • Community litter pick                                   -   planned for Tuesday 17th March
  • SEN Reviews                                              -   planned for Wednesday 18th March
  • Parents’ Evening                                         -   planned for Wednesday 18th March
  • Family of Schools Celebration Evening      -   planned for Monday 23rd March
  • Whole school family breakfast club            -   planned for Wednesday 25th March
  • End of term family assembly                      -   planned for Friday 28th March



Advice from the DfE:


Children should be kept away from school for 7 days if they display any symptoms of:

  • A new, continuous cough (this means you have started coughing repeatedly)
  • Fever/high temp of 39 degrees or above
  • Shortness of breath/tightness of chest


From now on, any pupils or staff who get a temperature or persistent cough should go home and self-isolate for 7 days. If the cough continues beyond 7 days, you will need to ring 111 for further advice.




In the event of enforced school closure by the Government:


At the time of writing this letter there is no indication from the Government relating to an enforced

national school closure; however, if this were to happen, the following will apply:

A text message will be sent to all parents and carers at the earliest opportunity along with the

website being updated. We are mindful that such an announcement could hit the media before the

school finds out. In this event please do not contact the school. Please rest assured we have

procedures in place to communicate with staff, students and families.


School work:


By Friday 20th March, the school website, ‘class page’ will contain links to learning activities for children to access in the event of an enforced school closure.  Rest assured that we will do everything we can to support every student providing work packs to ALL pupils.



Year 2 and Year 6 Pupils:


We know Year 2 and Year 6 might worry about how this will impact on their SATs. Should there be a school closure every school in the country will be affected in the same way. That said it is imperative they do not waste any moment of study should the school be closed. If the school does close, work will be provided.


SEN Reviews:

As the SEN review appointments have been cancelled you can ring to arrange a telephone appointment if you have any concerns about your child.


Communication and updates:


This will be via the school website and through ParentMail communication. Please try to avoid

contacting the school directly. Any updates will be posted on the school website on the ‘Latest

News’ page so we would advise that you check this regularly.  It is really important to advise school of any changes to contact details ie new mobile phone numbers etc.


These are unprecedented times and we are closely monitoring the situation. We want to protect

everyone in school and in the community. We thank you for your patience and understanding and in the meantime, please look after yourselves and your family.


Yours sincerely


S Hearnshaw


Mrs S Hearnshaw