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Attendance - Guide for Parents

There are 190 days in a school year. That leaves 175 days to spend on family time, shopping, appointments and other things.


There is no excuse for your child to miss valuable learning time due to any of the above reasons. Please use the 175 days to plan whatever you would like.


Take a look at the effect absence has on your child's attendance below.

If your child misses…

That equals…

Which is…

Over 13 years schooling that’s…

1 day per fortnight

20 days per year

4 weeks per year

Nearly 1.5 years

1 day per week

40 days per year

8 weeks per year

Over 2.5 years

2 days per week

80 days per year

16 weeks per year

Over 5 years

3 days per week

120 days per year

24 weeks per year

Nearly 8 years

If your child misses just…

That equals…

Which is…

Over 13 years schooling that’s…

10 minutes per day

50 minutes per week

Nearly 1.5 weeks per year

Nearly half a year

20 minutes per day

1 hour 40 mins per week

Over 2.5 weeks per year

Nearly 1 year

Half an hour per day

Half a day per week

4 weeks per year

Nearly 1 and a half years

1 hour per day

1 day per week

8 weeks per year

Nearly 2 and a half years

Shortbrook School are taking attendance very seriously due to rising number of pupils with attendance below target, affecting the school's overall percentage.


We require 100% commitment from parents to help improve as it is only with parental engagement we can agree to targets and work with families to help improve levels of attendance. Please see below a list of Authorised and Unauthorised reasons for absence from school.

Acceptable Reasons for Absence

  1. Day of Religious Observance
  2. Your child is under the hospital and can only attend appointments when available - evidence to be shown to the school office.
  3. Your child is too poorly to leave the house
  4. Exceptional Circumstance for Term Time Leave

Unacceptable Reasons for Absence 

  1. Minor illness that your child may be complaining of, eg tummy ache, head ache, tired, toothache, cold symptoms. All these minor illnesses and more can be treated with medication and your child is expected to still attend school.
  2. Routine medical/dental appointments. Appointments for a check-up etc are asked to be arranged for out of school hours.
  3. To celebrate a birthday. We all would like to stay in bed that extra bit longer on our birthday but unfortunately adults are required to still go to work and your child is expected to attend school as normal and celebrate after 2.50pm.
  4. If one child in a family is poorly, the other siblings are expected in school. This is not a valid reason to all stay at home.
  5. Holidays in Term Time are not authorised. If you take your child out of school for a holiday for 5 or more days, a penalty notice fine will be issued to each parent with parental responsibility for the child.
  6. You feel your child is getting bullied. Keeping your child away from school will only make the situation worse and your child will be more anxious when they return. Keep your child in school and speak to the class teacher/head teacher to get the problem resolved quickly.
  7. To get out of attending a school trip that your child does not want to go on.

Parent Support from School and MAST

Attendance is monitored closely by the school Attendance Officer. If your child is absent from school, school will call home before 9:30am to request a reason for absence. Please note not all reasons for absence will be authorised - the Attendance Officer will decide depending on your childs current attendance level and any patterns that may be forming eg same days off each week/term.


Please can you ensure as a parent that you telephone school on the morning of your childs absence by 9am to inform of reason for absence.


Once a child's level of attendance falls below school target of 96%, parent's should expect a letter raising concerns over attendance. Your child's attendance will then be monitored monthly.


Once a child's level of attendance falls below 90%, they will be considered as a Persistent Absentee and will automatically be referred to MAST for support. Parent's are called in to school to meet with the Attendance Officer to discuss issues around attendance and put together an action plan to improve.

Struggling with routine? Need support?

If you are struggling with morning routine and are finding it difficult getting to school on time please make an appointment to see the school office. 


We also have a very friendly, supportive Parenting Group that runs in school weekly - please see the school office for dates/times and to sign up.


The MAST team based upstairs at Shortbrook School are also available to speak to regarding any questions or problems you wish to share. Their contact number is 0114 2053635.


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