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Foundation Stage 2

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Me and My Family


Autumn Changes



Personal, Social and Emotional Development

· We will be learning the Golden Rules so we can learn in a fun, respectful and safe environment.

We will also be taking part in Sunshine Circle each week

· We will encourage the children to take a pride in their independence. For example, they should

help themselves to snacks, put their own coats on and look after their classroom.

· Children will be encouraged to play with all their peers and to listen to their needs.

· Children will begin to understand that they will make mistakes when they are learning and that this is totally normal. We praise effort as this leads to achieving our potential. As a class we will share our individual learning journeys with each other and acknowledge our hard work through the use of ‘superstar’ stickers.


Communication and Language

Reception children will:

· Go on listening walks.

· Listen for syllables, rhyme and rhythm in words, sentences and songs.

· Listen to friends and respond appropriately with a well considered answer.

· Begin to work with a talk partner during carpet sessions.

· Tell stories to help build their vocabulary and ability to use full sentences when speaking.

· Talk about our topic each day: Ourselves, Autumn and special celebrations.



Physical Development

· Access to Outdoors helps the children develop the physical skills they need to co-ordinate and control their movements. Gross motor skills are then finely tuned and applied to drawing, writing

and book handling.

· We will attend PE every Monday afternoon. We will need to change our own clothes and look after them.

· We will go on walks to build up our strength.

· We will eat a healthy range of snacks during the day and at lunch time.

· At the snack table we will help ourselves to milk, pour water from the jug and help ourselves to fruit .

· Reception children find it very difficult to tie their own shoe laces. Please ensure that your child has Velcro or slip on shoes if they cannot tie their laces.



· Reading: Children will be exposed to a range of stories each day. They will begin to identify

letters, the sounds that they make and begin to blend the sounds together. They will be given

reading books to read with their teacher in school and to read with an adult at home. They will use

their phonic knowledge and the visual clues on the pages to help read the books. 

· Writing: Children are supported in their mark making and writing through a range of activities

indoors and outdoors, such as writing in foam, paint, sand, chalk or glitter. We will focus on writing

our names and the letters for the sounds that we have learnt. 



· To count to ten and beyond through singing lots of songs and playing games.

· To recognise and order numerals.

· To match numeral to quantity.

· To know the names of some 2D shapes and look for similar shapes in the environment.


Understanding the World

We will focus on seasonal changes related to  Autumn this half term. We will go on walks around

the local area to identify these changes. The children will learn about different cultures through

our topic on Celebrations after half term. Celebrations will include birthdays, Bonfire Night, Diwali

(Festival of Light) and Christmas.


Expressive Arts and Design

· Children will experiment with colours and various materials.

· Children are encouraged to utilise all toys and resources in the classroom in imaginative ways. We will be listening to the children’s stories and acting them out as a class.



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